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  • "People:"

    – We support locally owned businesses such as restaurants and source our produce from local farms.
    – We give back to the local community.
  • "Planet:"

    – We ensure we are not visiting the same sites every day, this ensures we don’t impact the flora and fauna in the Galapagos Islands.
    – We have a "no foot print" policy. This involves ensuring that we take all rubbish with us from tours, leaving each of the sites we visit exactly the way it was when we arrived. Thus preserving these beautiful sites and the wildlife that lives there.
    – We use only sustainable produce for all meals on each of our trips.
    – We ensure all waste from our onboard toilets is disposed of sustainably.
    – We ensure our boats and our passengers are not transporting any seeds, plants, or animal remnants in order to protect the integrity of the uninhabited areas we visit.
  • "Profit:"

    – We are a locally owned company and everyone we employ are locals to ensure we give back to the local community of the Galapagos Islands.